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John Gill and Jean-Paul Courtens Awarded for Pioneering Partnership

John GillJean-Paul Courtens

John Gill, Farm Manager of the Hudson Valley Farm Hub, and Jean-Paul Courtens, owner of Roxbury Farms, were honored this month with Glynwood’s 2014 Harvest Award, in recognition of spearheading a pioneering farming partnership to establish sustainable agricultural production at the Hudson Valley Farm Hub.John and Jean-Paul are part of LEP’s Farm Hub team, which has been leading the on-site transition of the farm operation from private sweet corn business to non-profit center for farmer training and research. Their collaborative approach serves as an important model for producers across the region.

“Working with John and sharing our experiences has been enlightening. All of us farmers here in the Hudson Valley face many of the same challenges, and we need to come together to ensure the long-term viability of our way of life,” Courtens said. John Gill agreed, adding, “I’m grateful to be working with Jean-Paul and the Farm Hub team to bring this farm, which has been in my family for three generations, into its next phase.”

The award was presented at Glynwood’s annual Barn Dance Gala in Cold Spring, New York on Saturday, September 6th. Local Economies Project’s Associate Director, Jerry Cosgrove, and Program Manager, Sarah Brannen, were in attendance to help celebrate.

Glynwood, one of Local Economies Project’s partners, is an agricultural nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing regenerative agriculture that benefits the natural environment, energizes local economies, enhances human health and strengthens rural communities.

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