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Hudson Valley Farm Hub


In 2013, LEP facilitated the purchase of the Hudson Valley Farm Hub, a non-profit center for resilient agriculture in Hurley, New York. Located on 1,255 acres of prime farmland in one of the most productive agricultural regions in the Hudson Valley, the Farm Hub is an ideal land-base for testing natural systems practices and innovative farm business models that can be shared with farmers throughout the region. From professional farmer training (ProFarmer) to ecological mapping and field trials, programs at the Farm Hub are crafted in alignment with LEP’s mission to build an equitable and ecologically resilient food system in the Hudson Valley.

Farmer Training: Inspiring the Next Generation of Farmers

The Farm Hub’s residential farmer training program (ProFarmer) provides intensive hands-on instruction with an emphasis on vegetable and grain production. The multi-year curriculum teaches ecologically regenerative and equitable farm practices that are economically viable and integrated with food justice and community. Applications are accepted each year in summer.

Research: Testing Best Practices to Meet Regional Needs

In partnership with leading researchers and educators, the Farm Hub conducts trials tailored to the Hudson Valley. Projects are focused on identifying crop varieties and practices that offer promising opportunities in the regional food and farm economy.

Demonstration: Information Sharing for a Collaborative Economy

The Farm Hub is modeling practices such as transitioning to organic farming, applying alternative approaches to field and soil management, extending the growing season, and developing new markets. We engage the food and farming community through demonstration events that take place regularly during the growing season.

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Visit the Farm Hub website hvfarmhub.org.