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White Paper: Grain


The Food Hubs Report, published by the Local Economies Project in the spring of 2013, revealed that there is a promising niche but growing market for local grains in the Hudson Valley.  Artisan bakers, farm breweries, and farm distilleries are seeking varieties of wheat, barley, rye, and ancient grains as the next frontier in the local food movement.  LEP commissioned a research project last year to better understand the barriers to growing the grain sector in the Hudson Valley and potential strategies for addressing them.  The project culminated in a convening in August, and resulted in the Reviving Grain in the Hudson Valley white paper.  We invite you to read it and to share it with others dedicated to a stronger, more resilient food system.

REVIVING GRAIN IN THE HUDSON VALLEY: A White Paper for the Local Economies Project of the New World Foundation, by Sarah Brannen.