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Farm Hub Hosts Gatherings for Farmers

This summer, the Hudson Valley Farm Hub will be welcoming farmers for a series of special field days and twilight meetings.

The Farm Hub provides established Hudson Valley farmers with access to effective and cutting-edge agriculture best management practices as part of its commitment to sustainable agriculture, environmental renewal, and economic vitality in the Hudson Valley. Geared towards farmers, these events share results of the latest research going on at the Farm Hub as well as opportunities to explore new technologies and techniques.

  • July: First Annual Eastern New York Farm Equipment Demonstration Day: Demonstrating the latest in innovative equipment for vegetable crop production, with a focus on weed control.  On Saturday July 25, from 1 to 5pm (Rain or Shine), farmers can view some of the world’s most innovative cultivation tools in action on a variety of vegetables and field crops.  This is a great opportunity to see new cultivating technologies at work. Download the Equipment Day PDF flyer for full details.
  • August: Tomato Variety Twilight Meeting: Comparing 12 tomato varieties being developed for late blight resistance.
  • September: Root Crops Twilight Meeting: Demonstrating growing methods and variety selection for beets, carrots, and parsnips, with raised beds and ridge cultivation comparisons.

Details on all these events can be found at the Farm Hub website.

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