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Local Economies Project

Ecological Farming

Farming in partnership with nature to produce healthful food  

LEP’s ecological farming efforts are key to our pursuit of an important paradigm shift – from an economy that promotes extraction of natural resources and climate degradation to a holistic approach in which everything in nature is valued as interconnected. We support the collective effort to understand and promote the ecology of farming – caring for the planet and working in partnership with nature to provide for the nutritional needs of our communities while adapting to climate change.

LEP’s grant making includes initiatives such as ecological mapping and monitoring on farms; programs that emphasize, teach, and reward ecologically resilient methods; and farmland protection. Through supporting these programs and the organizations behind them, we are building a widespread community of practice in service to our human and natural resources. How can natural systems approaches be applied to improve soil health and control flooding on farms?   How can a farmer reduce chemical inputs while scaling-up to reach wholesale markets? Collaborating with key partner organizations allows our grants to reach hundreds s of Hudson Valley farmers each year as they pursue new opportunities in sustainable agriculture.