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Local Economies Project



The Local Economies Project (LEP) supports vibrant, interconnected communities that are powered by the people who live there. We see food and farming as a cornerstone of every region and critical to the movement towards stronger, more resilient economies. We also recognize the urgent need for communities to repair our natural systems, mend our civic fabric, and usher in a more cooperative and resilient future. With initiatives focused on ecology and civic action, we are using a range of philanthropic tools to help efforts take root and grow in the New York’s Hudson Valley.

Our Mission

LEP’s mission is to build a more equitable and ecologically resilient Hudson Valley – one that meets the economic and social needs of our communities while working in partnership with natural systems. Towards this mission, we develop programs, provide grant funding, and act as a convener in the region.

Our Initiatives

Since its inception in 2010, LEP has been providing grants to mission-aligned organizations working toward a more ecologically resilient and just Hudson Valley. Our grants and programs are focused around two thematic areas:

  • Partners for Climate Action : Supporting communities as they work to meet the challenges of a changing climate.  This includes mitigation and adaptation, ecological repair, and civic participation.


  • Local Stewardship and Community: Supporting new initiatives from regional organizations that are the backbone of the social and civic fabric of the Hudson Valley

Our Fiscal Sponsor

LEP operates under the fiscal sponsorship of the New World Foundation.  The New World Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity, is based in New York City and is dedicated to community building, a healthy environment, educational opportunity, and economic justice.

Bob Dandrew,  Director

In launching the Local Economies Project, Bob set out to focus on the intersection of economics, environmentalism, and culture with an eye toward locally owned business, resilient agriculture, and democratic participation in decision making. Before joining LEP’s fiscal sponsor the New World Foundation, Bob’s professional experience included service as executive director of the NoVo Foundation and East Coast director for the Rudolf Steiner Foundation.